As part of Australia’s State Government’s plan, primary school students are required to be taught about global warming as part of their curriculum.

The science and technology syllabus from kindergarten to sixth grade is being reviewed by the NSW Board of Studies which will look at detailed lessons about climate change.

The move came when the leading scientific research body of Australia appealed for the issue on global warming to be taught in the students in primary schools.

Based on the study, 70 percent of the respondents would pay more for their electricity if it would help in fighting climate change.

Almost three quarters perceived electricity as a chief contributor to emissions, more than 93 percent regard climate change as an issue that is important and approximately 90 percent consider that solar panels should be installed in homes.

One of the proposed answers to the issue is an education programme that would immediately start in primary schools.

Peta Ashworth, the senior CSIRO social scientist said, "Education campaigns like 'quit smoking' start in schools…people recognise that kids, once they get informed in the topic, will take on that learning and spread the word even further".

According to John Della Bosca, NSW Education Minister, the high school and primary school students were already taught about climate change and the environment; however, the Government is still planning to change the Kinder to sixth grade syllabus to include a specific module.

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