Five RRLs (Regional Research Laboratories) has been renamed by the CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) to enable them to present an outlook that is futuristic.

According to the CSIR spokesman, the profiles of the laboratories, which were changed with respect to their orientation of expertise, direction of growth, and excellence accumulated have all been evaluated while renaming them. The changing of name took effect starting 6 March this year.

RRL-Bhubaneswar has been renamed as IMMT (Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology); RRL-Bhopal was renamed as AMPRI (Advanced Materials and Processes Research Institute); and RRL-Jammu as IIIM (Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine).

RRL-Thiruvananthapuram, was also renamed and it is now NIIST (National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology) and RRL-Jorhat will be known now as NEIST (North - East Institute of Science and Technology).

Having 47 regional centres and 38 laboratories, the CSIR is a leading autonomous R&D organisation. It takes on research and development activities that cover the entire picture in the civilian sector of science and technology.

Through the Central Legislative Assembly resolution that was constituted in 1942, it intends to provide social welfare, advancement of fundamental knowledge, industrial competitiveness, strong science and technology base for strategic sectors.

The multi-disciplinary research and development laboratory, RRL-T at the Industrial Estate at Pappanamcode is keenly engaged in applied and basic research as it seeks to fill the needs of the region in agro energy, products and materials, which explains its new nomenclature.

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