An addition of a high-tech facility to Lasik Surgery Clinic was announced by Asian Hospital and Medical Center during opening of the clinic, which performs laser vision correction.

The clinic’s development is one of the continuing efforts of the hospital to be recognised one of the most highly developed healthcare providers in the whole region of Asia-Pacific.

“With the opening of the Lasik Surgery Clinic, the Asian Hospital and Medical Center is again at the forefront of providing world-class medical service and cutting-edge facilities to patients here and abroad,” says Dr. Leonardo Mangubat, chairman Asian Hospital Department of Ophthalmology.

Lasik Surgery Clinic mainly focuses on refractive surgery (LASIK), a new surgical procedure that helps to permanently fix refractive errors including astigmatism, far-sightedness and near-sightedness.

Dr. Gabriel Juan Heredia says, “We take pride in offering the best laser technology at a very competitive price. Now, patients can have access to this technology and the expertise of highly trained eye surgeons, within the comforts of a modern hospital setting.”

Around 70% of United States eye centres strongly believed in the effectiveness of the 4th generation Excimer Laser, and now the laser will be available to Medical Centers and Asian Hospital patients together with other existing modern devices such as Iris Registration Technology, the Amadeus II Intelligent Mikrokeratome, the Orbscan, and the Wavescan Wavefront System.

Dr. Roderick Feleciano said the VISX Star S4 Excimer Laser ensures safe, fast, painless, and bloodless Epilasik and Lasik procedure.

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