Michael Molson, the chief technology officer of MEEZA, has said that Cloud Services, the provision of dynamically scalable Information Technology (IT) resources over the Internet, will eventually dominate the business IT infrastructure internationally.

During a presentation to information systems and computer science students at Carnegie Mellon University – Qatar, Molson urged the young Qataris to take the torch of technology into the future.

Molson said the students should lead the country towards greater prosperity, and adopt new technologies like Cloud Computing.

MEEZA, a Qatar-based provider of IT solutions and services, is a leading Cloud Services provider.

The development of Cloud Computing means that numerous organisations will no longer require in-house IT infrastructure, but they will instead outsource IT services to a service provider, which will meet their IT needs ‘via the cloud’, or over the Internet.

MEEZA has contributed greatly to the development of local businesses, which include Dohaland and Vodafone Qatar, and has just signed a contract to provide Silatech with IT services and solutions.

The partnership will guarantee that MEEZA will play a major role in the growth of small to medium-sized businesses in Qatar, a fundamental driver of economic development in the country’s 2030 vision.

As part of the presentation, Molson took the students through a usual working day at MEEZA.

The MEEZA official said IT is pivotal to the country’s dream of becoming a knowledge-based economy. He also revealed how Qatar’s future will be shaped by the predominance of digital information and services in everyday lives.

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