Massachusetts' reputation in the world of technology study and improvement is currently secured, but wadding research dollars and global contest for talent pose a threat to them, based on the latest report regarding the innovation economy of the state.

The 2008 index regarding the Innovation Economy by Massachusetts Technology Collaborative shows that Massachusetts remains on top of principal technology states, as well as, markets in corporate-supported R&D. If Massachusetts were a nation, it could have ranked behind Sweden among the biggest-research-expenditure-as-a-proportion-of-its-market countries.

Massachusetts is not in harmony with its allocation of community research dollars. Massachusetts’ distribution of federal study funds has either decreased or flatlined in the last five years. Even more disturbing is the reducing labour pool once the state does not encourage young individuals to enter the field of science and technology.

The report revealed that the largest threat to the state’s outlook was the increasing educational infrastructure being formed overseas. This puts a great pressure over Massachusetts to fill employment positions with local talent.

As China and India develop accurate postsecondary organisations, the anxiety is that Massachusetts’ import of sophisticated talent for its research positions will decrease.

Only approximately 11% of the state’s secondary school seniors plan to have a college course in information or science technology, mathematics, compared with 15% in business and 26% in humanities.

Massachusetts officers are considering the recent report as proof of the possible impact of the life sciences programme by Gov. Deval Patrick worth $1 billion.

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