_The government of Nairobi will be preparing the guidelines on handling applications which are genetically modified. The scheme is done by the government as their first step in advancing the country’s production in agriculture through biotechnology.

Professor Shaukat Abdulrazak, National Council for Science and Technology’s head, had revealed that a strategy paper regarding how technology will benefit the people will be released on Thursday. According to him, the paper will be released by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology.

Last Monday, William Ruto, agriculture minister, assured the public that the Biosafety Bill will be passed and be eventually implemented. According to a speech released by Ruto "We have done enough lobbying to ensure that this time the Bill is passed”. He also added, "My desire is for all African countries to adopt an enabling policy for the development and application of biotechnology. This will fast-track the integration of Africa in the global bioeconomy.”

The decision of Ruto to use biotechnology has received the support of the African Union just yesterday. Ms. Rhoda Tumusiime, member of the African Union, had also admitted that the Assembly of the African Heads of State and the Government is also in favour of the adoption of genetic engineering. According to her, "This indicates the commitment by African leaders that GM technology may as well be one of the tools that will resolve the continent's agricultural constraints.”

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