The students are challenged to be technical through the First Robotic Competition. On 5–6 April in New York, hundreds of technically attuned high school students assembled together for the 16th annual First Robotics Competition at the Jacob Javits Convention Centre.

The FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) competition assembled together approximately 65 high school teams from Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and a few from the UK, to display their talents as well as their robots.

The competition started early this year, when all of the teams received their kits that have same set of rules from FIRST, to construct their robot that will be presented in New York. Size and weight restrictions make sure that each of the participating teams has the same set of materials in making their robots.

With the provided kits, the teams work on their own to show of their creativity, originality, and skill in problem solving to build their perfect robots.

A number of high school students were inspired with the competition to take to their education on a new level. The students are excited about the great opportunities brought by the competition as they discover more about a field of work which they feel passionate about.

There were a lot of colleges present at the competition that offered the FIRST member participants with scholarships. There were large companies such as Johnson & Johnson, IBM, and Goldman Sachs, setting up interviews to their prospect employees.

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