Members of Parliament have notified that the scientific research in the seas is unsystematic and underfunded in spite of its significance to human living.

According to the members of Science and Technology Select Committee, United Kingdom has the capability to be on the lead in marine science. For them, the UK is a field of research, which could contribute to almost every industry sector, from healthcare to cosmetics.

On the other hand, a report made by the Members of Parliament stated that funding over the previous decade has descended in actual terms. The sector of marine science and technology received only £5.4 million fund in 2006, which is remarkably less compared to the fund given in 2003 and 2004.

The Members of Parliament said that the oceans should be “explored, monitored, studied and understood more thoroughly than has been the case up to now”. They are extremely disappointed because they all know that the marine sector is very important with regards to climate, food supply, biodiversity, and renewable energy resources.

As a result, the committee demanded to set up a new marine agency in order to manage ocean monitoring and marine science. In addition, it will also promote the education in schools and to the public.

Aside from that, the Members of Parliament also advised the government to move forward a summary of Marine Bill without any delay.

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