Yesterday, 23 September 2007, the Department of Science and Technology in Hyderabad plans to build up specialised cells and centres of excellence in regions such as protection for intellectual property, aiming to strengthen its outreach programme.

Dr. T. Ramasami is the Secretary of Department of Science and Technology (DST) who acts as the chairman of the sixth governing body assembly of Andhra Pradesh Technology Development and Promotion Council (APTDC) in Hyderabad. During the meeting, he said that the department had formulated national outreach programmes in major areas such as bamboo applications, intellectual property rights, and municipal solid waste. APTDC served as a centre of excellence in the State of Andhra Pradesh. He stressed the need to launch social responsibility in the technology initiatives in order to warrant the widespread benefits to all sectors of the society.

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) announced its plans to insure social equity in the national technology and academic property rights issues.

In partnership with the premier academic institutions in law and technology, APTDC will introduce a Certificate Training Course in IPR in order to promote skill enhancement and produce more employment opportunities. The training course will play a proactive task in technology interventions for several enterprises, ranging from small to medium enterprises.

APTDC is growing into a national centre of excellence in IPR and technology. This model attracted the interest of other states. CII has already founded the Tamil Nadu Technology Development and Promotion Centre.

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