During the 29th Olympics in Beijing, China has outnumbered the US through snatching over 10% of the total gold medals. It could be a persuasive testimony that China is among the top sports power worldwide. However, the country did not achieve recognition in science. On the past years, China made a great headway in sports. In the 1932 Olympics in Los Angeles, it dispatched a six-member delegation but with only one athlete to compete. After 52 years in the 23rd Olympics in the same city, the country bagged 15 gold medals. During the 2004 Athens Olympics, China was ranked second to the United States in the gold table, but it has an overpowering superiority to other countries.

However, in the realm of science, the country has not set up an international status equal to its comprehensive national strength. In various leading international academic magazines or at various international academic conferences, Chinese scholars only had very little influence. During the World’s 20th congress of genetics in Berlin in July, no one from the keynote speakers were Chinese and just two Chinese were to deliver speeches, 1.2% of the total speakers. In the very popular magazine ‘The Cell’, there was no Chinese scholar that published an article starting 1981 until 2004.

Like sports, science also needs a significant policy support in order to boost. In the later years, the government increased the financial input in science and technology. But the smooth development will be hindered.

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