Bill Gates, the chairman of Microsoft Corporation, had inspired and was admired by the younger generation when he delivered his speech in Beijing during his 10th visit in China. Along with his speech he offered Tsinghua University with new programmes.

Before his visit, a memorandum of agreement with the electronic and PC giants of China, Xiaxin and Lenovo, has been signed.

Science and technology is being given a strong importance by China. For two decades, the country’s science and technology has experienced a broad structural improvement. With the broad overseas study programmes and changes in its school system, China’s human resource base has been improved and expanded.

Late last year, Zogby/463 Internet Attitudes’ poll presented that 49 percent of Americans said that the “next Bill Gates” would come from India, China or Japan.

China has to promote the creation on a continuous basis of more innovations to attain a breakthrough in terms of technical standards, economic competitiveness, intellectual property, and brand building.

On Wednesday, member of the Standing Committee of the national People’s Congress, Wu Jichuan, address to the Microsoft Government Leaders Forum Asia 2007 that this year, the law on scientific and technological advances of China will be revised. To create a more market oriented, more sophisticated policy, and more globally-oriented science and technology is their goal to give way for the Chinese Bill Gates.

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