Pakistan and China which are strategic partners, agreed to enhance their collaboration in the areas of space science and technology. China can move space technology in the South Asian country, while Pakistan in turn, can help China in space through the establishment of a station on its territory to help track Chinese satellites.

It has been reported that the two sides had agreed that the national space agency of Pakistan, SUPARCO (Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission) will create a group that would negotiate the acquisition of satellites from China. In 1962, SUPARCO was established under the federal government as an autonomous research and development organisation.

With the bilateral collaboration of Pakistan and China in the space industry, the two countries could span a broad spectrum including clean energy technologies, cyber-security, atmospheric and earth sciences, climate science, clean water technologies, marine sciences, and basic space.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister sought for the cooperation of China in space technology and rocket science. The space programme of Pakistan is aimed at advancing research in space science and allied fields, promoting space science and technology through peaceful applications, and improving indigenous capabilities in space technology for the socio-economic development of the country.

China is the only country viewed by experts in Pakistan that’s in a position to transfer their space technology to Pakistan.

China committed to collaborate with Pakistan to launch over the next five years three Earth-resource satellites.

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