Chinese President Hu Jintao states that developing China into a nation of innovation must be undertaken as its future-oriented major strategy. Hu is also the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee’s general secretary. During the meeting with 3,000 participants, Hu states that the strategy must focus on the economic development in the areas of international science and technology. He said that China should develop its strategic plans of independent innovation and speed up the development of the State innovation mechanism.

Hu described independent innovative competence as the centre of competitiveness. He said that a nation should emphasise independent invention that will lead to the progress and benefit of the world. The president said that China must support the spirit of independent innovation then improve its mechanism for innovation. The state should also advocate innovation by integrating or learning from imported technology.

Hu said that China needs to make great and meticulous effort to promote the importance of high technology, particularly the technologies with academic property rights and auxiliary technologies, which will have a great role in advocating economic growth and restructuring growth patterns. The president said that China made discoveries in several major technologies. The manned space project served to cultivate and train a group of young people and competent space experts and professionals. Several companies, organisations and over 100,000 scientific workers are involved in the project.

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