As an effort to fill technical gap in recent years, the heads of electronic companies such as Texas Instruments, Motorola, Intel, IBM, AMD, and Samsung will meet in Brasilia on Friday.

An American company that leads in the field of integrated circuits and the Brazilian government sponsored the assembly as it aims to prompt those electronic companies to invest in Brazil.

Next Wednesday, President Lula da Silva of Brazil will also host in the Presidential Palace all of the executives, an action meant that the country is giving importance for the development of electronic technology.

Minister Sergio Rezende of Science and Technology, considered the increasing demand in the domestic market as the primary reason for Brazil to look for financial partners.

According to the Minister’s opinion, a country that has approximately 200 million people should have improved science and technology in a reasonable amount.

The Government of Brazil has taken during the last five years measures to teach technicians, give fiscal incentives, and invite foreign direct investment.

Engineers in Brazil were also given with incentives so as to meet the market demand on electronic technology.

Currently, the country has only 400 specialists.

A contract has been signed by Cadence Design Systems that allows the country to utilise the technology formed by Cadence Design Systems to manufacture integrated circuits.

According to him, the country is in the development stage of integrated circuits, and through financial support, it can take off electronic technology.

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