Waneta Tuttle, an active entrepreneur, launched another technology. This time it is a bio-tech start-up which could provide relief to patients suffering from lupus diseases with acute kidney inflammation. In November, Tuttle established the Azano Pharmaceuticals, an Albuquerque-based company, to authorise a treatment that is newly developed by the medical investigators at University of New Mexico Hospital.

The technology was patented by the University of New Mexico’s Science and Technology Corp, though in the case of Azano Pharmaceuticals, it will have to take several years and several millions of dollars in order for it to become a federally-approved medicine for lupus patients. Nevertheless, with Tuttle being in control of the matter, executives of STC are very confident that Azano will basically obtain a venture capital, as well as the management talent it requires to become successful.

STC President and CEO Lisa Kuuttila said, "Tuttle put all the pieces together to make this happen. Everyone is excited about the potential for this treatment. It's still very early in the development process and a lot more needs to be done, but so far, all the testing has been very promising." The bio-tech drug is the initial life-sciences start-up developed by Puente Partners LLC, a business development agency established in 2006 by Tuttle, to augment the ventures in biotechnology. Waneta Tuttle is the CEO and founder of Southwest Medical Ventures.

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