_Hydro, a global supplier of aluminium products, with activities in solar power and hydropower, is trying to expand its presence in Qatar, particularly in research and development, with an aim to help promote aluminium in the Middle East.

An integrated aluminium company with a global presence, Hydro, which forayed into Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP) with a 45 square-metre ‘novice’ office, signed a new contract to expand the space to 500 square metres.

Alongside Hydro’s strong involvement in the Qatalum aluminium plant that is now being constructed in Mesaieed, near to Doha, this development is described as a big step for the company’s research and development presence in Qatar.

Senior Vice President Tormod Bjork said, “The building industry in Qatar can benefit from the competence Hydro building system possesses”.

The sun, humidity, and the heat are intense in Qatar. This gives opportunities for Hydro as an inventor and producer of building systems solutions and for aluminium as a metal, Bjork said. He also pointed out that the Tornado Tower is the new project where the company supplied façade systems.

The Hydro official also observed that many of the buildings being constructed in Doha have not yet “seen the light” of utilising modern aluminium.

Bjork emphasised that the current market condition for aluminium has changed the ramp-up profile of Hydro at its facility at the QSTP.

“However, we are preparing for the next steps and we are now looking into establishing lab facilities and increasing our presence here”, Bjork added.

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