_A grant from the National Science Foundation was given to the College of Science and Technology at CMU to purchase technologically advanced testing equipments.

Daniel Chen, professor and chairperson for the industrial engineering technology college, together with Dru Wilson, a plastics technology professor, proposed the grant for the College to use.

Chen stated that the foundation had been receiving approximately 900 proposals, and had accepted about 200.

“It’s great for the university”, Wilson stated. “It promotes us and aids in student-based research”.

The $43,011 grant was equalised by the IET department for the college to purchase the Instron 5582, a machine used in testing the mechanical properties of different materials. The equipment could test the flexibility of materials by twisting, compressing, and bending them.

The testing equipment was being utilised in a small number of plastics laboratory classes. But students could use it for their research. They could conduct their tests and researches, instead of using computer simulated experiments.

Chen stated that the Instron was commonly used in industry.

“Most manufacturing facilities require the equipment”, said Wilson.

He said that most industries wanted to know the characteristics and properties of the materials they used when producing a new product. Wilson also stated that it would be important to select the right materials, when producing new products to determine if it would hold up under specific conditions.

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