_For the past 12 months, global climate has been cooler compared to the previous years, but it is claimed that the world would still be warming due to the inevitable climate change.

“The global temperature is likely to rank around the 10th warmest year”, Director General of the World Meteorological Organisation Michael Jarraud, said.

Pertaining to 2008 as the warmest of all years for the past 12 years, Michael said, “The trend for warming is still very much there”.

From 2006 to 2007, the effects of both La Niña and El Niño – the related warming and cooling of temperature in Pacific sea – have already been felt across the globe. These natural phenomena have been blamed for the heavy flooding in Bolivia and the Horn of Africa, the prolonged drought in Australia, and a series of severe winter monsoons.

Michael Jarraud emphasised that both phenomena should not have another damaging effect on the climate and should be neutralised in 2009.

On the other hand, people were starting to be more concerned about the ice in the Arctic Sea, which had already dropped to its lowest level during its melting season. It has been noted that the dropping of the ice level is the main reason for numerous floods, heat waves, drought and storms – particularly the Cyclone Nargis, which destroyed Myanmar last May.

Although it is too early to conduct forecasts for 2009, according to Michael Jarraud, there would be a rise in temperature of 0.2% over the succeeding years.

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