On 05 November 2008, the China International Aviation & Aerospace Forum was held which showcased the latest China-made gear for this year.

One of the visitors of the show was the renowned military technology fan named Huang Bo. According to him, he spent $150 or 1,000 Yuan upon his trip to Anhui province to get a look of the latest gear.

He said, “The J-10 fighter is the biggest highlight for me”. This year, when news photos proved it would be in Zhuhai, I booked my ticket immediately”.

Among these gears are the different types of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s).

The system engineering department director at the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC), Wang Weidong, stated that the medium-range CH-3 is one of the stars of China-made UAV lineup. According to him, “The vehicle has a payload of nearly 100 kg and provides a platform that can be used in the future to carry air-to-ground weapons”.

The enormous camouflaged vehicle or China's Hummer is also making its very first appearance on the show. Also, there is the WS-2 multiple launch rocket system.

An employee from the marketing department of CASC named Wang Wei said that the maximum firing range of the rocket system is 200 kilometres, a distance that only some launchers could match.

The show also launches the portable FN-16 air-defence system, which is the latest version of FN-6, with improved attack capability.

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