A £100M government fund is set to be released for UK’s fundamental areas of scientific research—future communications, green energy, and new materials. More than 76 development and research projects covering eight priority areas in technology will share the money.

The funds have been made available through the efforts of the Technology Strategy Board. Since it was formed in 2004, the board has funded over 700 projects amounting to £1B.

Studies in business competitiveness, green energy, and healthcare will be greatly benefited. Priorities include works on advanced cell therapies intended to treat wounds and innovations that will allow patients suffering from chronic conditions to be monitored at home.

Environmental priorities include the enhanced system that will maximise small-scale energy production, the technology intended to provide more efficient lighting for shop fronts, and enhanced materials intended for wave and wind farms.

"New research in these important eight key technology areas will make a real difference [in] the economy and [in] our lives. Our work on innovation will help businesses to succeed and improve public services, [and] meet the challenges of the 21st century and enhance people's life chances," said John Denham, secretary of the Innovation, Universities and Skills department.

The Science Council, which represents the professionals and scientific bodies of the United Kingdom, welcomed the newest development. Diana Garnham, the council’s chief executive, said that the eight target areas cover most of the areas in mathematics, technology, engineering, and science.

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